The Vernon Davis Interview and Its Application to Christians

08 Feb

Last Sunday’s Super Bowl was one to talk about.  Brothers coaching against one another.  There was a power outage.  It was a close game.  One of the best stories of the Super Bowl wasn’t in the game, it was the pre-game interview of Vernon Davis.

Last year, after the AFC Championship Singletary ejected Davis out of the game, He talked about his actions during a press conference saying “I will not tolerate players that think it’s about them and not about the team.  I would rather play with ten people and just get penalized the whole way, rather than play with eleven when I know that this person is not sold out to the team.. Cannot play with them.  Cannot win with them.  Cannot coach with them. Can’t do it”.

Davis didn’t like Singletary and in an interview said he was glad Singletary wasn’t with the team anymore. The interviewer,Bill Cowher, asked Davis if he could talk to Coach Singletary what would he say? He leans foward and looks at the camera and tells Singletary that he “saved his career” and Singletary changed him into the player he is today.

This interview looks like one Jesus might have.  His apostles disagreed with his leadership style because they had their ideas about the Messiah.  He can’t eat with tax collectors.  He shouldn’t wash their feet. He can’t die—He needs to set up a kingdom (although he already had).  

Jesus said that he needs committed followers, yet he also struggled with non-committed followers.  A rich man walks away because he can’t give up his wealth or his wealthy lifestyle.  A crowd of people walk away because He doesn’t have any food. Peter denies him when he hangs on the cross.

Peter met Jesus after the Resurrection.  Jesus asked about his commitment three times.  Peter started crying because he knew he was disloyal.  Jesus readily blesses him and sends him on a new path.  Vernon Davis was disloyal to Mike Singletary.  Mike blesses Vernon on his new path.  Maybe this could be imitated.

If you would like to see the interview, click here:

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