The D-Word

25 Feb

I am starting my first series.  I have a condition called Hemiparesis, It was caused by a stroke when I was born.
Whenever I meet someone, they notice that I look different from them.  Some aren’t bothered by my appearance but others are.   I answer their questions to put them at ease.  Unfortunately, People want to cure me before they even know me.  I know they have good intentions but it demeans both of us because it places us in a hierarchical relationship, not an equal one.

There are different types of disabilities: physical, mental, and emotional.   And Those conditions look different depending on the person.   It is unfair to define someone by what they can’t do.  For example, I can’t do math well.  If it is a process that isn’t on a basic calculator, I can’t do it.  However,  This doesn’t show who I am or reduce the other qualities I have.  It only shows what I can’t offer not what I can offer.

Recently, I saw a public service announcement encouraging employers to hire employees with disabilities to join the workforce.  Isn’t that what Jesus did? He didn’t heal the blind eyes, bum legs, or withered hands just to show his power (although it was part of it).  He needed workers and these people needed to be in the workforce of His Kingdom.  He wanted everyone to have a job so He made the unable, able.  As the church, we should follow his example.  We look for ministries the folks can do and get them in.  We say “What will they do” instead of “What can they Do”.   Through these people may God be shown.  I will share my story next time.  Please leave questions or comments below.

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