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Tiger Chase

Tiger Chase

I decided to post a poem I have been working on the past couple of weeks.  Writing about past experiences can be painful as a writer.  I think pain is a kind of alchemy.  It can transform a dark and grey memory into a writing piece that is beautiful and shiny.  The poem below is reflective in nature and doesn’t describe any specific event.  I call this poem Tiger Chase.

Tiger Chase

She runs in the field of dandelions, tears filled her eyes.

Her shoulders were marked by red lines.

Her cotton dress is covered with grass

and her knees are scratched running through the vines.

She drinks from the streams, the water touches her bones.

She spent the afternoon running from a tiger, running to and fro’.

She hid by walking light then lighter

Holding her breath, hoping he wouldn’t find her.

The tiger slinked past it’s prey.

She was safe, for another day.

She bows her head to pray.

All she asks is for time to stay.

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Scrawling Writer Is official.

I have an update for all of you, internet.  I have been blogging for a few years now and decided to take the next step: registering the domain.  Scrawling Writer has it’s own domain now, We’re official.  Now it is easier than ever to visit this blog, type in in your web browser to view the blog and all it’s content.  Also, if you like this site, check out your subscribing options.  Thank you.

Yours Truly,

A Scrawling Writer

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