The November letter: an update

05 Nov

Hello readers,

Yes, I know it has been a while since I have posted a blog and I promised to write you letters and call once a week but I haven’t lived up to the Bargain. Fair enough.

What have I been doing all this time? I have been planning two things: 1. My Halloween cosplay and 2. My novel.  I have started a reflection piece about the cosplay that I will finish but it is November and two things I know about November are: 1. It is my birthday and 2. It’s Nanowrimo. 

This year I am a participant and all October planned and researched for my Historical fiction Vampire western novel and it took more time than I thought (you can’t rush these things). Since I have committed to writing 50,000 words in a month I may not post regularly but I will keep you updated in the process as well as share anything I have learned with you.  I hope people of all creative stripes will benefit from this experience as much as I have.

A Scrawling Writer.

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One response to “The November letter: an update

  1. WasimSpeaks

    November 5, 2014 at 1:16 pm

    We surely benefit from your letters/writings. They’re fun to read and catch some writing tips that you throw.


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