About Scrawling Writer

Every time that I write, I start in a cave.  I take a chisel and drive it in the rock.  The chisel  starts to make scratches, the scratches become words.  These words form the stories that I write.  Stories about me and other characters.   Eventually scrawling turns into writing.

My name is Matt and I like to write.  Before you look in the directory for a support group, listen to me for a second.  Writing is an activity that meets a need.  Sometimes, I need to create stories.  Other times I need to write about the world around me.  I might even write something that you (yes, you) need to read.  Sometimes, I need to reflect on important topics and write to understand them better.   As the reader, you meet my needs because anything that is written must be read.   I hope that you choose to read and join me on this journey that starts in a cave.

I am a twenty something that likes to write (see above).  I am a Christian which influences my writing.  I also enjoy books, movies, entertaining stories, discussion accompanied by hot coffee and tea, and other miscellaneous activities.

I am an amateur humorist, you have been warned!



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