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Welcome to Sacred Scrawls

What is Sacred Scrawls?
Sacred Scrawls is a writing blog.  This blog will be dedicated to a journey through writing.  Writing and stories bind people together and make connections to reality.    
Why did I create Sacred Scrawls?
I have started several different blogs.  However, I have changed as a writer and wanted to start a new kind of blog.  I want to change  our (mine as the writer and yours as the reader) experience into a more meaningful one.
What kind of blog is this?
This blog will be devoted to writing.  It will contain posts written by a real person, me.  I am broken like you and I seek beauty through the cracks.  I find this beauty through writing.  I will share my work and some entries will focus on current events.  I am a Christian , therefore, many posts will Relate to God, Jesus, the Christian faith, and Spirituality. My posts will be influenced by my Christian life.  
I hope that you enjoyed reading the first post of Sacred Scrawls and that you will read more of them in the future.   
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