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Outside News: Episode One 

The first episode of the comedic news vlog show, Outside News, was posted yesterday.  In this episode,  I read a (possible) Biblical Interpretation of the GOP candidate

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Scrawlingwriter is vlogging 

Hello everyone,  I have good news:scrawling writer is vlogging.  There will be more video essays to come vut the first video shows me writing wirh my non-dominant hand with Hemiplegia. I worked hard on it and hope you will enjoy it. 

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My 2013 Resolutions

I wrote my last post about New year’s resolutions.  I mentioned that I made several resolutions this year.  I  categorized my resolutions into these categories: writing, wellness, and reading.


  • I will write everyday.
  • I will start a regular blogging schedule by posting at least once a week.
  • I will write a short story.
  • I will write a review.


  • I will read 25 books by the end of the year.  
  • I will read books on Social Justice.
  • I will read more books about pacifism.
  • I will read more books on non-violent resistance.


  •  I will drink 3-5 cups of tea a week.
  • I will exercise 3-5 times a week.
  • I will go on 3 “prayer walks” a week.
  • I will eat 3 vegetarian meals a week.

What are your resolutions? What are you doing to keep them?

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Seven Days Later

We are seven days into the new year.  The loyal eight percent of Americans are on track to keep their resolutions while the rest of us tripped over the starting line.  We all think upon the past year, seeing our successes and failures.  Most of our successes are attributed to who we are or the skills we already have.  This leads us to our failures, So we make resolutions to change:  To be more generous, accomplish professional(or personal) goals, or live a healthier life style.  So we start out the month by establishing a swear jar, a budget, and an exercise regiment. Two months later, the swear jar looks like a miniature bank vault, the budget bleeds red ink, and your bones feel like they’re made of Styrofoam because of many visits to the gym.

Why keep this ritual going every year if so many fail?  Maybe the point of a resolution isn’t to make us better, happier, or more fulfilled people. Resolutions force us to look outside ourselves. They are annual reminders of a greater truth.  We all want  to become greater than who we are.  We all yearn to grow into who we need to become.  Growth must start on the inside and work until it is seen on the outside.

I actually like resolutions and I make several each year.  I keep  resolutions and I break resolutions every year.  However, learning and growing every year is more important than keeping a list.  My next post will include some of my 2013 resolutions.  What are your resolutions? Have you kept them?

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Welcome to Sacred Scrawls

What is Sacred Scrawls?
Sacred Scrawls is a writing blog.  This blog will be dedicated to a journey through writing.  Writing and stories bind people together and make connections to reality.    
Why did I create Sacred Scrawls?
I have started several different blogs.  However, I have changed as a writer and wanted to start a new kind of blog.  I want to change  our (mine as the writer and yours as the reader) experience into a more meaningful one.
What kind of blog is this?
This blog will be devoted to writing.  It will contain posts written by a real person, me.  I am broken like you and I seek beauty through the cracks.  I find this beauty through writing.  I will share my work and some entries will focus on current events.  I am a Christian , therefore, many posts will Relate to God, Jesus, the Christian faith, and Spirituality. My posts will be influenced by my Christian life.  
I hope that you enjoyed reading the first post of Sacred Scrawls and that you will read more of them in the future.   
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