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An Essay Letter On Writing and Survival

Dear Reader,
As your writer let me be the first to say to you that there are some things that you will never see because you play the part of reader and I play the part of writer.  Unlike the actor, the writer’s performance exists entirely behind the stage.  We Pull levers to release metaphors.   We pull like work horses place our setting in the right place.   You can’t see our sweating faces, or feel the cool draft floating across them when the last word is read.  
I remember watching survival show and the host was talking about our actions and reactions can increase or decrease morale and in survival situations. If I simplified a survival scenario, it would be a series of actions and reactions which build morale.  For example, The action is deciding you can live in the wilderness, then the reaction, you decide to build a shelter, find water, and make a fire.  After the fire burns your outlook turns positive which in turn helps you trudge the wilderness.  The same is true in writing:You make the choice to write or type, letters appear, then words and later sentences. The red hot sentences warm you as they add timber to ignite pages, increasing morale. Your morale carries through when your transitions collapse, the word “that” is used too many times, or the last line was written behind negative self-talk. Every writer learns to stay alive because they keep up their morale.  The most important lessons for the survivor and writer is to keep going and keep on living.
Remember to care for yourself during the creative process,. Say kind words about yourself and your work even if they are unconvincing. Take a few extra minutes to enjoy the warm shower after your working on your craft for the day, cook or order takeout you will like (unless it has too many carbs, I’m kidding).   If you are a creative type, No one will thank you for writing, playing, drawing, or singing and most  people won’t be impressed unless they try to create themselves.  Your thanks will come from the satisfaction after the last letter, step, or note.   The inner sense of gratitude will flow over when you finally plop on the couch after a day’s work.
I think Einstein would consider writing insanity because writing is the definition of insanity, writers do the same actions every time they write and hope for different results.  We want to have a bestseller or to be put on an “in-list”  to affirm our efforts and ourselves.   Instead, a few more words are written than were there yesterday. This writer isn’t immune.  As a Christian boy, I know hope takes it’s time, watching every step it takes.  We pray in office chairs like they were church pews just to travel a little farther.  We don’t want to remain silent while rocks steal our words.  we pray the same prayer any wordsmith says—just one more line, and if we  cannot have one more line, than just one more word. I hope you have the blessing of one more word, writer. 
A Scrawling Writer.

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