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Hello Readers,
As you know our summer months are coming to an end. The summer memories are still on the tip of our tounges. I noticed the change of the seasons every year and love the traits and memories of fall.

Fall air is cold yet smokey and it decorates a fall night around a bonfire. Hearty sweet potatoes invade all of our dishes. Pumpkin spice should be kept in tanks on standby. The change of fall is magical and only takes one night in West Texas. I was inspired by this transformation to write the following poem–I call it The Last Day of Summer.

The Last Day of Summer

Your eyes were blue and skin was fair,
your white dress was ruffled in layers.
The flowers placed in your curly hair.

We cracked the valve to the hose and up the water went.
The water rose high like an arching tent.

We tied our hands like twine,
Yours is tied into mine.
We spun, wind and wind
and fell at the same time.

The sun set and we were out of time,
Slowly dimming on that horizon line.
We ran home with nothing to say,
Little did we know summer would stay.

The next day the icy wind blew
The smokey signal we both knew.
The warm clouds turned grey
And the crisp autumn air found its way.

The Last Day of Summer

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