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2015: An Update And New Plans


The early days of January are long and cold and involve being trapped in a house by snow and frozen walkways. The only things keeping me warm are my robe and the extra carbs I shouldn’t have eaten during the holidays.  All of which I regret now.  The positive effect of this type of weather is that it always gives us the time to write,  read, and dream.  Since we have already entered a new year, now is a time to reflect and imagine. 

If you are a regular readers of this blog you know in  November I participated in Nanowrimo and started working on a new novel that is a western involving vampires. I did not “finish”  I. E.  write 50,000 words in a month but I made a lot of progress and I learned a lot and even  tried something new: I changed my input method while I wrote.

  I started typing my story in the beginning of the month,  needless to say,  it took a long time to fill up the page even when I was typing my longer sentences and fastest word rates.   I decided to try writing it out longhand it was not a method I had done since grade school.  Instead of slowing down my creativity I think it has sped it up. I have not typed any of the new stuff into my electronic form so I have not seen if it has affected word count any but as far as creative and my mood is a lot better.

A few benefits of writing instead of typing your story are  there doesn’t seem to be restrictions just putting words on notebook paper.  Notebook paper doesn’t seem to be as pristine as the blank computer screen.  It allows a freedom to enjoy the journey as you write your story one word at a time. It also shows all of your ideas so you can see all of the steps your draft has taken.   If you delete an idea on the computer screen it is gone forever.

I also have been planning for Scrawl cast to contain episodes related to books.  I would like to have some reviews as well as other book related content.  I have been wanting to do this podcast because I am a reader then a writer second. Expect a cornucopia of book genres covered including: science fiction and fantasy books  mix of historical fiction, mystery,  thriller,  horror, non-fiction, memoir, and comic books (or graphic novels I’d you are an elitist).  I am excited about this project because reading is one of the few ways it is socially acceptable to imagine.  It is a small reminder that imagination is not just child’s play,  it is everyone’s play. 

I hope that this new year brings creative, beautiful, and meaningful work to me and you, my fellow writers, artists,  and creators.  Here is to 2015.

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Scrawling Writer Is official.

I have an update for all of you, internet.  I have been blogging for a few years now and decided to take the next step: registering the domain.  Scrawling Writer has it’s own domain now, We’re official.  Now it is easier than ever to visit this blog, type in in your web browser to view the blog and all it’s content.  Also, if you like this site, check out your subscribing options.  Thank you.

Yours Truly,

A Scrawling Writer

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An update and Questions For You

Over the holidays I decided that my online life was too complicated.  I had too many different places and to be honest I was doing too many different things to make any progress on any of them.  So I decided to change a few details:

  • The name of this blog was formerly Sacred Scrawls, however that has been changed to Scrawling Writer.   I changed it to this name instead because I wanted to take an approach to my work that focused on the creative process and The word “sacred”  diminishes that creative aspect.

  • Yes, Scrawling Writer is also my name for my Tumblr.  I decided to keep my Tumblr because to be honest, I like Tumblr (I hope that I’m safe saying that on a WordPress blog).  I like the idea of creating short pieces and pictures then showing them through micro blogging.  Plus, It forces me to start small assignments.  I also like the people in that community too.  If you haven’t read Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, I encourage you to so you can check out the reference.

  • Scrawling writer has a new look that I think will help everything look great and allow for creativity from the posts themselves.  What do you think?

  • So now the obvious question, What is the difference between the blog and the Tumblr.  The truth is I don’t know.  I think the Tumblr will supplement the blog but also have original content that you won’t find here.  So which one should you read? I say both. If you only have a couple of minutes I suggest the Tumblr because the pieces will generally be shorter.  If you have more time I recommend the blog because the pieces will be longer.

  • Keeping mind, Blogging is an ongoing experiment, especially for me, so please be patient dear reader and hopefully you will be rewarded.

  • I have many ideas for this blog in 2014 but I would also like to know your ideas. What would you like to see here? What is a topic that you would like me to write about?
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